About Us

Gramin Urja Tatha Prabidhi Sewa Kendra Pvt. Ltd. also known as Rural Energy and Technology Service Centre Pvt. Ltd. (RETSC) is a private company established in 2003 under the Company Act of Nepal with a vision to become a leader in providing technical support and consulting services in the field of renewable energy technologies and producing clean appropriate technologies.

The company has been continuously engaged in the design, production, and promotion as well as rendering various consulting and services related to capacity building, implementation, monitoring, research, and study of rural and renewable energy and other appropriate technologies like Improved Cook Stoves, Micro/ Pico-Hydro, Improved Water Mill, Hydraulic Ram Pump, Briquette, Solar Dryer and Cooker,   for the benefit of the rural people in Nepal.


Become a leader in providing technical support and consulting services in the field of renewable energy technologies and producing clean appropriate technologies.


Promote and proliferate the production and promotion of clean and appropriate technologies to meet the rural energy demand, thereby amplifying the livelihood/ socio-economic condition of rural people.


The main objective of the center’s establishment is to focus its efforts on technology promotion for poverty alleviation in a sustainable manner thereby helping to ease the lifestyle of the rural community.

Working Modality

  • Make contacts with partners and promotional organizations for collaborative efforts and product service marketing
  • Provide counseling and orientation/demonstration services to potential promoters and users for awareness creation
  • Develop and produce/fabricate technology prototypes of quality and undertake their sales promotion
  • Undertake adoptive research and development activities as per need
  • Establish links with various service providers such as service centers, manufacturers, suppliers, and financing institutions to potential technology users
  • Provide technical support and training services for technology transfer and local capability development.

Organizational Setup / Structure

RETSC’s organizational structure consists of a General Assembly comprising promoters and general members and a Governing Board at the second level consisting of members elected by the General Assembly, which provides policy direction to the management and approves rules and regulations of the organization. The Managing Director, who is the executive head of the institution and member secretary of the board, is responsible for the day-to-day management and smooth operation of the center.

The present board members of the organization are given below:

Board Members:                

S.N Names Designation  Background
1 Dr. Ramesh Kumar Maskey Chairman Professor KU,
2 Mr. Krishna Hari Maharjan Vice-Chairman Ex-Program Manager, IWMP, CRT/N
3 Mr. Pawan Kumar Singh Treasurer Account Officer, CRT/N
4 Dr. Ananda Shova Tamrakar Member Professor, TU
5 Mr. Raju Maharjan Member Account Officer, CRT/N
6 Mr. Mahendra Prasad Chudal Member Management Advisor, CRT/N
7 Mr. Krishna Lal Shrestha Member



  • Ganesh Ram Shrestha, Senior Advisor, CRT/N
  • Lumin Kumar Shrestha, Senior Advisor, CRT/N
  • Hari Gopal Gorkhali, Senior Advisor, CRT/N
  • Gyanendra Raj Sharma